Hi, and welcome to my website!

It’s great to share my work with you. I hope my students will also enjoy the resources on this site. For more about me or my research, teaching, projects, media and publications, please click on the links above. In the meantime here is some background information about me.

I began my career as a kindergarten and primary school teacher in Steiner Education, developing and consolidating pedagogical expertise over a period of 15 years, a key focus of which was incorporating the natural environment as a key component of the educational program. Subsequent to this, I managed a publishing business and authored children’s books based on the natural world.

I also worked as a teacher in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector specialising in early childhood, creativity and environmental education. Following my work in the VET sector I managed the Moderation and Accreditation process for the National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC) for several years. I worked for NCAC in a full time role (while completing my PhD) until my appointment to Western Sydney University in July 2011.

Since August 2019 I have been a Senior Lecturer: Teaching and Research with University of Dundee, Scotland. I teach in the Master of Education Program on modules that focus on reflection and professionalism and research methods. I also supervise Masters and PhD students. Previous to this role I worked for Western Sydney University where I was a member of the Centre for Educational Research-Sustainability Strand and the Director of Academic Program in Early Childhood in the School of Education. My research focuses on the symbiosis between the arts and nature education in early childhood and the relationship between the natural world and humans in a variety of community and educational settings. I investigate the role that connection with nature plays in place-making or belonging, wellbeing, sustainability education and becoming citizens capable of developing and maintaining regenerative living practices.

Drawing on theories of place, ecopsychology, relational materialism and post humanist theories, I weave integrated curriculum content for children and adults using storytelling, verse, song, movement and visual arts. My unique approach supports educators to develop their own creative educational resources that are tailored to the children and to the communities and environments in which they work and to co-construct inexhaustible meaningful program content with and for the children. My vision is of a world beyond sustainability, where children’s learning and curriculum are filled with life.