World Wanderer iBook

Today I have launched my first enhanced iBook for children: World Wanderer.Author Kumara Ward. Illustrated by Anne-Maree Althaus.

World Wanderer lived in the land of ice and snow. His story is told through text and voice narration in both English and Mandarin and any combination can be selected through easy access buttons on each page. Original songs are also accessed through their own icon.
Every year, in wintertime, World Wanderer travelled to where the water was warm. On this year’s journey he was the voice of wisdom and experience for a young yearling. He taught him about all the see creatures he would meet and how to listen to the great waves that wash around the world.  This story is filled with adventure, wisdom, discovery and friendship. World Wanderer’s journey will fill your imagination with images and sounds rich and colourful. The text and voice overs in Mandarin and English also make it a perfect bilingual learning story. The great oceans of the world will never seem the same again.
Now available for pre-order. Available 10 January.    Get_it_on_iBooks_Badge_US_1114
P21 Warm Tropical Seas


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1 Response to World Wanderer iBook

  1. Elizabeth Wheelahan says:

    Absolutely beautiful Kumara!

    Fabulous achievement….

    Lots of love



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